What kind of reality surrounds your organization in five years?

  • What we do: analyze past, present and overall patterns - and develop models of the future
  • What we provide: an understanding of how the 21st century will be very different from the 20th and in what ways it will be similar
  • What you get: some hands-on tools to navigate your organization through times of great changes

Worth a thought:

  • Within the next 20 years, half of all current jobs will disappear due to digitization
  • The middle class depends on those jobs, and governance as we know it is largely paid for by income tax
  • In general, economic models are still based on the notion that increased productivity will improve the economy

Next Scandinavia

Since 2016, Next Scandinavia had mainly been me, Lene Rachel Andersen, and since 2018, I have taken the majority of my activities to Nordic Bildung.

If you would like to get in contact, please write me at andersen@nextscandinavia.com or la@nordicbildung.org.

Books in English by Lene Rachel Andersen

Bildung: Keep Growing

By Lene Rachel Andersen

Bildung is moral and emotional maturity. Bildung is also to have the education and knowledge necessary to thrive in your society; bildung is to be deeply embedded in culture and community while having the autonomy to carve your own path in life. Bildung is always personal and unique.

This book is a condensed version of The Nordic Secret plus some more hands-on suggestions for how to develop bildung for the future.

Go to the book’s web page at Nordic Bildung

Metamodernity: Meaning and Hope in a Complex World

By Lene Rachel Andersen

How do we move beyond postmodernism and create a sustainable and meaningful future for the planet?

Find the book here http://nordicbildung.org/books/metamodernity/

The Nordic Secret

By Lene Rachel Andersen & Tomas Björkman

How do societies go through major technological, economic and structural changes peacefully?

The ways in which Denmark, Norway and Sweden went from feudal agricultural societies to industrialized democracies were exceptionally peaceful. In the process, they climbed from the bottom of the European economy around 1860 to the very top as of the 1930s and have remained prosperous and progressive ever since. Finland made a similar journey after 1918 in just 30 years.

...read more at nordicsecret.org

Testosteroned Child. Sad.

By Lene Rachel Andersen

The Trump presidency is the symptom of something much bigger and it is not the first time it has happened.

Our meaning-making has not been able to keep up with technology and globalization. We navigate an increasingly complex world using models that were developed for industrialization—at a time when traditional industry is disappearing.

Based on recurring historical patterns, moral and developmental psychology and complex-systems theory, Lene Rachel Andersen analyzes the current state of Western politics and makes a strong case for hope and a better future.

...read more here.

Workshops and conferences

September 2016, January 2017 and March 2017, Next Scandinavia and Ekskäret Foundation organized roundtables in Berlin, Leiden and Stockholm about Bildung and ego-development. A click on the picture takes you to the project website.

October 2015, scientific workshop at the Lorentz Center in Leiden; not a Next Scandinavia event but co-organized by Lene Rachel Andersen via University of Southern Denmark.

April 2015, one-day conference about future technologies for the Federation of the Norden Assocations at the Danish Parliament, organized by Next Scandinavia.

What is meaningful growth?

  • Meaningful growth is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable
  • Meaningful growth applies the latest technologies to serve human welbeing
  • Meaningful growth factors in our needs for culture and purpose
  • Meaningful growth involves new business models
  • Meaningful growth is a choice