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Lene Rachel Andersen

Economist, philosopher, author, publisher, and futurist.

Lene Rachel Andersen is currently engaged in two major projecs: A book about the secret behind the success of the Nordic countries: and, sparked by the research, building a network of European researchers exploring the educational philosophy behind the Nordic school systems, namely the German concept Bildung, and what it is exactly. Even top researchers cannot agree:

In 2015, she was a part-time research associate and public outreach coordinator at Center for Fundamental living Technologies (FLinT) at the physics department at the University of Southern Denmark. Part of her work was co-organizing the scientific workshop An Emerging Technological and Societal Transition: Preparing for the Post-Industrial World at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, The Netherlands.

Through Next Scandinavia, Lene Rachel Andersen lectures, leads workshops, hosts events, and works as a consultant developing scenarios of the future. She has worked on projects as diverse as a theme park and gamification of school materials. As a futurist, she could easily tell you about consumer trends in the coming decade, but what she really wants to talk about is the future of rule of law, human rights and democracy and how to make life meaningful in the future. What is meaningful growth?
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