Biotechnology is about genetically engineering and cloning.

Genetically engineering means mixing DNA from different organisms and creating new life forms, typically in order to create plants and animals with new properties. Among the plants with new properties are crops that can survive pests without the need for pesticides, among the animals are infertile mosquitoes that will bring down the total number of mosquitoes in an area and thus minimize the spread of malaria and dengue fever.

Cloning means taking one cell from an organism, making copies of it and growing a number of identical organism from that one cell.

Where’s the beef?

But maybe one doesn't want the entire animal but just som ground beef?

The University of Maastricht has developed cultured beef (, and hopes are that within 10-20 years this will allow millions of people to have meat on a daily basis without creating the correspoinding level of CO2 emissions that traditional farming does today.

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